• Advanced
    Water Science™ Skincare

    From moisture-recharging magnesium to collagen restoring bio-peptides,
    each LANEIGE customized complex is technologically formulated to
    deliver exactly what your skin needs ㅡ when you need it most.

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  • The Power of Water

    Inspired by the nutrient-rich waters of the Himalayas,
    LANEIGE discovered the power of skin-perfecting mineral water.

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  • Mastering the Science of Water

    LANEIGE laboratories have discovered scientifically-engineered
    water clinically proven to provide skin 24-hour protection against
    sun, pollution and stress.

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  • Beauty Starts with Laneige Water
    Your Concern, Our Complex

    From age-prevention to sun-protection—whatever your skin type—there’s
    a LANEIGE scientifically-engineered complex to answer your concern.


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